Subway Surfers has in recent years been a sustained success on Android and remains among the most downloaded games for that operating system here on Uptodown. Three years after its release, and following less renowned projects like Smash Champs, the Kiloo development studio has just released its latest production: Stormblades is a gorgeous and addictive free-to-play action game for iOS and Android inspired by Infinity Blade.

Infinity Blade created a subgenre copied by many later games where you have to beat rivals with screen gestures that mark the angle of your punches while ducking and blocking the blows of your opponent. Stormblades follows this gameplay to the letter, alongside the progression through linear settings where you fight sequentially against a series of enemies.

stormblades screenshot 1 Stormblades, new from the creators of Subway Surfers

The path to success for mobile video games is totally inscrutable, and it’s every other day that we see games that shamelessly rip the formula from others have more success than the original game. It might be the aesthetic (perhaps its colorful cartoon designs and Mayan imagery attract a larger audience than something a bit more ‘crude’) or the business model (its F2P model is neither intrusive nor excessively limiting), but what’s certain is that Stormblades smells of success.



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