A few months back, Google Allo users received the so-called “selfie stickers,” a curious system that lets you use a picture of your face to create emoji packs.  Now, this feature has just been included in the official virtual keyboard from Google, so you can use it in any messaging app that allows images to be added in the text.

In order to use this feature, you need to download the version 7.5.9 or higher of the keyboard, although the option is somewhat hidden: from the keyboard itself, you have to long press the comma/smile icon key found between the language and number keys. Once there, you’ll see the animated stickers from Google along with a new icon in the shape of a face. When you tap that, you’ll activate the front camera and after taking a picture of your face using the guidelines on the screen, you’ll see illustrated representations of your face in two different styles. 

The results you get get aren’t final, though. Thanks to the complete editor, you can customize any feature of your illustrated self. Once you save the result, the app will automatically generate a pack of icons to use however you want. You can store as many custom packs as you want, all available in the aforementioned stickers menu.


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