Discovering a game with a simple gameplay that works as well as that of Conduct THIS! is surprisingly rare. The gaming world for Android usually holds fast to the less-is-more philosophy. This train game sticks to that idea with remarkable naturalness. Your aim is to get the passengers aboard your train to their destinations. Simple enough, right? Except it involves a huge challenge where explosions end up filling your whole screen if you’re not precise enough.

Conduct THIS!

The touch controls in Conduct THIS! couldn’t be more straightforward: just tap your train to make it stop and tap it again to set it in motion. Besides being in charge of your train’s locomotion, you also have to change its direction at certain crossings to set it on one path or another. And that’s it. These simple taps hide this train game’s whole gameplay. But the real magic lies in the splendid level designs.

You’ll have several zones to complete as you beat the levels in each section. Though you’ll start out with little challenges to get the hang of the controls, soon you realize that things don’t stay quite so simple: more trains that you don’t conduct start criss-crossing your tracks, other ones that you can drive also come on the scene, and several different-color stations appear where you drop your passengers off. These items appear bit by bit until things start getting ridiculously complicated.

Conduct THIS!

Plus, each screen has a timer counting down that will be key to determining how many stars you’ll get when you finish: if you’re really fast you’ll get three, which is the max. These stars will let you get new zones to enjoy the magic of Conduct THIS! Plus, if you beat levels with no mistakes you can unlock new trains to play with. It’s just an aesthetic change, but we always appreciate extra content.

Conduct THIS!

Conduct THIS! stands out from other Android games. And that’s not just because of its fun puzzle-style gameplay but also for the elegant low-poly graphics that make each train wreck a real party. Getting the hang of handling your locomotive might take a bit, but the satisfaction of beating a particularly difficult level should get a smile out of you. Go ahead, download it now and check it out!

Conduct THIS! for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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