Each release of a new game set in the Star Wars universe is a big-time event in itself given the high production values demanded by Disney (at least most of the time). In this case, what might appear to be the umpteenth opportunist clone of Candy Crush is actually something more much interesting. Star Wars: Puzzle Droids is a Match-3 with a lot in common with the blockbuster game from King, but the way it links the levels with a plotline derived from The Force Awakens makes it super interesting for people who like exploding gems as well as those with whom The Force is strong.

star wars puzzle droids 1 Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, a galactic Candy Crush, is out now

In broad strokes, the idea here is the same as ever: you beat levels within a max number of moves in which you have to break a certain number of blocks or make X number of matches in a set amount of time. The cool thing is how it’s done, in a way that’s closely related with specific scenes from Episodio VII. An example: it’s not the same thing to say “break these five boxes in 20 turns” as “break all these cords to free BB-8 from the clutches of a vulture,” all while that event plays out dynamically onscreen. The following images are conceptual sketches from the game’s storyboard created by one of its designers.

star wars puzzle droids storyboard Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, a galactic Candy Crush, is out now

This approach is bolstered by your ability to use certain items in your games, plus “recruit” new characters who all come with their own skills. And you can power them all up by doing extra tasks and special missions. How fast you progress depends on the limited lives that recharge over time (inevitable for an F2P game) – or, for those of you for whom patience isn’t a forte, by spending real money. Of course.

star wars puzzle droids 2 Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, a galactic Candy Crush, is out now

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids is no revolution, but it’s proof that an idea that seems done to death can be brought back to life again and again if dressed up interestingly enough. The Spaniards at Genera Games continue to squeeze juice out of their agreement with Disney with a game boasting high production values despite being, a priori at least, a simple Match-3. The game is available in APK format here on Uptodown with no geographical restrictions.


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