If there’s one thing to envy Windows Phone devices it’s their user interface. In its moment the Metro UI was a proper revolution that impacted the design of tons of webpages. Everybody wanted to get their hands on the minimalist and modern look imparted by that elegant tiled interface. Now that the fever has peaked, it’s the perfect moment to go back and try it on Android devices – and that’s exactly what SquareHome 2 does. This launcher reproduces the iconic Metro UI interface.

squarehome 2 featured SquareHome 2 makes your Android look like Windows 10

SquareHome 2 surprises from the moment you install it thanks to its ease of use and customization. It will completely change the look of your Android instantly. The characteristic Metro tiles take the place of the icons and it’s up to you to set them up exactly to your liking. Each tile can be customized down to the last detail: pick the size, the theme, the icon design… you can even make the same tile have two different functions depending on whether you tap the button or hold your finger down on it.

Besides being able to add new tiles, you can also create different home screens and alternate between them with a simple pinch of the screen. The graphics have been given a lot of love in this launcher and you can add different effects to the tiles and have an integrated wallpaper behind them. I know I’m repeating myself, but I just want to make sure it’s clear: the level of customization is ginormous. It’d be hard not to be able to put together exactly the home screen you’re imagining – within the general layout of the Metro UI, obviously.

SquareHome 2

People who want to try a different interface on Android should definitely give SquareHome 2 a look. The style of this launcher is fantastic and its ease of use makes it even more attractive, if that’s possible. Fans of the Windows interface can now have the best of both worlds. Plus it works equally well on smartphones as on tablets or Android TV.

SquareHome 2 for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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