Music lovers around the world adore Spotify owing to the high-quality service it offers. Still, some of us are always looking for greener pastures and this roving spirit often inspires interesting solutions that add new features to a standard service. The appearance of a site like Spotify Video is hence a more-than-exciting bit of news: this webapp searches YouTube for the song you’re listening to on Spotify so you can view the music video for it.

Spotify Video

This interesting project uses the Spotify Web API to search YouTube every ten seconds for the song that’s playing. Once it finds the video it will play it in the highest available quality with the volume on silent so you can listen to it on Spotify. The video takes up most of the browser, though at the bottom you’ll see the name of the band and song as displayed on Spotify, and in the right corner you have the possibility of loading other videos of the same song – whether it’s YouTuber-created videos with lyrics or a remix. Though do note that if you change to a new video, the playback won’t be synched.

Spotify Video

To use Spotify Video you’ve got to log in with your Spotify details so that the webapp can see what you’re playing. It’s entirely free to use, so anybody with an account on the music streaming service can take advantage of it. This is a terrific-looking project and even if you sometimes have to adjust the synchronization, it might well have quite robust potential. A service that we hope might one day get added to the Spotify app itself and which you can enjoy from this link.

Spotify Video

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