The most important music streaming app in the world has been trying to reach a wider audience for a while now. Thus. they’ve made the daring decision to release various apps apart form the official Spotify client. After Stations, which is based on themed radio stations and its Lite version for more humble devices, we now have Spotify Kidsan app that’s geared toward children of all ages. With its colorful interface, its intentions are clear.

Spotify Kids

The arrival of Spotify Kids has taken us all by surprise, but it’s an interesting move for the company. The app perfectly follows what its name implies: a streaming platform dedicated to children. It’s “free” to use and we use quotation marks there because you need to have a Premium Family account in order to use it.  But if you do, you’ll find an app that lets you use up to five different accounts, each one for a different child. And all this without any ads, which is perfect considering it’s an app for kids.

spotify kids 1 Spotify Kids is a new app exclusively for children

But let’s get to what really matters: Spotify Kids has a varied catalog of songs for kids who are three years old and up. For now, you have over 6000 songs available from everything from soundtracks to shows and movies, and sing-alongs that everyone will enjoy. All this content is put together by a team of Spotify editors so that no explicit lyrics make their way through and we don’t have a repeat of the problem that happened with YouTube Kids.

spotify kids 2 Spotify Kids is a new app exclusively for children

This app intends to be a safe place for kids to start enjoying music. And it’s not only for toddlers. Parents can choose between two configurations for the music: “audio for younger kids” or “audio for older kids.” This will change the songs offered, as well as the playlists shown. It’s still in a tester phase, so we’ll see how Spotify Kids evolves in the upcoming months.

Spotify Kids for Android [APK] | Download


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