We’ve already talked here about Spotify’s move to remove the 10-hour monthly limit on music streaming for Free users. Now, finally, all the restrictions have disappeared from the free version of the service with the slogan “No more limits #freeyourmusic,” meaning you can now listen to all the music you want with no time limits or maximum number of song plays.

Just as Spotify has ditched the annoying restriction that blocked users from listening to the same song more than five times a month, they’ve now likewise decided to reinstate unlimited use of the platform for all users with the aim of reducing migration to competitor streaming services by users who’ve surpassed their streaming time allowance.


On their official blog, the company confirms: “We have removed these caps completely across all platforms – you can listen to your favourite songs as many times as you like, for as long as you want.”

In any case, what hasn’t changed is that Free accounts will retain their ads in order to support Spotify’s service; it now remains to be seen whether the company with drastically increase the ad space between songs improve its overheads.


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