Spotify has done a good job in recent years of building a service capable of recommending music that interests you based on your listening preferences. Recently, it launched an interesting web tool that lets you browse a world map so you can listen the most played songs in each city. You can even create a customized list with those songs and add them to your playlists.

The service uses the OpenStreetMap platform and the CartoDB visualization system, offering a comprehensive database that has an interesting feature: apart from showing the most popular songs in any given location, it can also focus on distinctive music. This means that it will show the music that’s played there more than anywhere else. This way, you’ll see a more diverse and regionally specific list so you can dive into more than just the top ten.

spotify world screenshot Find the most popular songs on Spotify in your country

In order to access the website, login with your Spotify account and link to that service. After that, you can tap on any of the green dots on the map and create a playlist URL that you can use on the web player as well as on the desktop player, no matter whether it’s New York, Taipei, or anywhere else.

Every so often, you’ll see something new, giving the Spotify experience more depth. For example: endless themed playlists, mood playlists built into the player, and a customized weekly playlist, which is coming soon and give you a list of songs that match your preferences. But for now, it recommends Pitbull’s new album when I listen to Genesis, so there’s still some work to be done.


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