While 2017 is drawing to a close, Spotify is still at it, having just launched a new website that gathers your musical statistics for the year. It’s not exactly new information, but it’s a fantastic way to look back at the year, and you might be surprised by your most played songs. Your 2017 Wrapped is where you can discover all of this information, as well as a couple of lists of songs that you might like.

spotify 2017 wrapped Discover your most listened to songs of 2017 on Spotify

To access this information, you just need to go to their website and give it permission to read your user data. In turn it will display how many minutes of music you’ve listened to, as well as the number of songs, artists, and genres. There is even a small game to test your knowledge of your most listened to songs, and a bunch more statistics.

spotify 2017 wrapped 2 Discover your most listened to songs of 2017 on Spotify

In addition to learning about your past listening habits, there are also two unique, personalized lists: one with your most listened to tracks of the year and another with 30 similar songs that you might like but have never listened to. We love these kinds of lists, and we have published an article a while back about custom playlists on Spotify. Your 2017 Wrapped ends with a downloadable postcard with the number of minutes you’ve listened to, your favorite genre, your five most listened to artists, and your five most played songs. It’s the perfect size to share on social media and celebrate your musical 2017 in review.

spotify 2017 wrapped 3 Discover your most listened to songs of 2017 on Spotify

If you’re still searching for more music in 2017, Spotify has also launched another web page of the year’s bests: from most listened to artists to the strongest trends of the year. These playlists change depending on your region, so you will get the most personalized experience possible.

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