Spotbros, the Spanish IM company, has just launched a new, completely updated version of its app offering users fully 1TB of free space in the cloud to share any file from your smartphone, no matter the size. Spotbros 3.0 brings together the spheres of massive online file storage and instant messaging, a fusion that has given birth to the concept of “Cloud Messaging,” a personal cloud in which you can send whatever you want to your contacts directly from a mobile app.

spotbros 1tb

With this most recent Spotbros update, any user can, just by registering, send videos, photos, and music instantly regardless of the file size, a service that goes miles ahead of the competition by offering 500 times more available space than Dropbox—for free.

The way it works is very simple: You save your content on the platform and then share it with your contacts. Sending files from your mobile phone has never been so easy, cheap, and fast: your content will load in just a few seconds since data is only used when you copy or download it.

When you yourself receive a file, you can download it or add it to your own cloud to view later from another device (including your PC by going to The biggest advantage is that it takes up none of your storage space since the content will remain in the cloud of the friend that has uploaded it. “Cloud Messaging” is thus based on sharing via a simple message—to either a friend or a group—absolutely anything you want, without any space restrictions.

Spotbros also offers the ability to discover content at its Spots, public communities where users can share files and talk about certain things like, for example, TV series, and also find the episodes that have been stored in the community to save in your personal cloud.

But the updates to this spruced-up instant messaging service have not only improved the options for accessing public content; they’ve also strengthened the app’s security by encrypting private conversations and adding the “right to forget”: any content you’ve shared can be erased so that you can avoid it spreading around the web.

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