Splash Rabbit Arena is the latest casual game from the company upjers GmbH. This German game factory that has already surpassed a million downloads with My Free Farm 2 and Stonies, is now here to bring us a new fun and addictive Android title. This latest game brings endless bunnies to your smartphone, all with the goal of filling all the land they can find with color.


Original cars for an original good time

As soon as you start your journey in Splash Rabbit Arena, you’ll discover that everything about it is a bit peculiar. You play different rabbits that ride on wacky vehicles. While driving one of these quirky cars, your mission is to throw paint on the areas of grass you pass over to fill them with color. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You’ll also come across a series of obstacles that will stop you from advancing too easily.


Fortunately, the control system doesn’t present any sort of difficulty, with clear and intuitive buttons. To turn your car, you’ll tap on the left and right arrows. If you want to jump to dodge any obstacle, you just have to tap the button with the blue arrow. Plus, you have to pay attention to your surroundings since you’ll have to pass over levers that open doors to new areas.

Make sure your color dominates over the enemies’

The most entertaining thing about Splash Rabbit Arena is when you have to face off against other players in the online mode. At this point in the game, there will be two teams, red and blue, to motivate you to cover as much ground as possible and fill it with your team’s color. Tip: pay attention to the carrots that apear in each battlefield. If you collect them, it’ll make it easier for your vehicle to pass and paint more squares.


A timer will let you know how long is left in each round, piling on the pressure and fun as the time starts dwindling down to zero. It’s important to pay attention to the level of paint you have left. When the counter in the upper part of the screen starts running out, you’ll have to go to the reloading point in order to refill your tank. It’s also worth mentioning that if you pass over an area that’s been painted by a rival, this will change its color.

Tons of elements to unlock

If your team manages to win the round, each one of the players will be rewarded. With these rewards you can start to unlock new vehicles to help you go faster on the battle field. You’ll even have the possibility to level up their skills to surprise your rivals with more powerful jumps or use a tank with more capacity.


Another fun aspect of the game is that Splash Rabbit Arena also brings you special attacks to make you more effective in each paint-filled battle. You’ll get these effects as you advance through the different levels of the game. I mean, who wouldn’t love to go wild with a paintbrush all over the place or have fun cloning your rabbit for a few seconds at a time?


There’s no doubt that Splash Rabbit Arena is one of those games that’ll keep you hooked with its dynamic gameplay. With its attractive 3D graphics and simple controls, you’ll have a hard time saying no to launching more and more paint all over this universe. Do you dare to play as one of these friendly rabbits?

Splash Rabbit Arena for Android [APK] | Download


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