Spicy Piggy is a fast-paced platformer that’ll remind you of Super Meat Boy

This new game from Nitrome challenges you to fill your pig's belly with all the yummy hot peppers you can, without dying in the attempt.

It seems like it’s almost become the norm for us to talk about every single new game that comes out of Nitrome nowadays. Trust us, we don’t just do it because we’re bored. The titles that are edited by this company tend to be of exceptionally high quality. Spicy Piggy is their new and challenging game. It’s a title featuring a pig who loves eating hot peppers and that reminds us of the great Super Meat Boy. 

Every good platformer has to make their purpose clear and Spicy Piggy clearly knows the genre. You have to make it through the game’s screens, dodging every obstacle that gets in your way. Of course, you’ll find typical spikes all over the place, ready to make you repeat the screen as many times as necessary. But it’s not all about jumping. The real key to Spicy Piggy is going as quickly as possible. Your hog will advance automatically, and you “only” have three actions: jump, slide, and throw fire. After all, those hot peppers your character eats have to be good for something.

Spicy Piggy

Each one of the screens you complete in Spicy Piggy will grant you with a valuable star, the currency needed to unlock new levels. But the real magic in the game created by Gypopothomas lies in the fact that you’ll get more stars if you complete a few additional objectives: get a certain number of hot peppers and reach the end before the time runs out. The game lets you replay the levels over and over, since death is commonplace in each one. Although the game may not be identical to the title from Team Meat, the truth is that Spicy Piggy is very similar to Super Meat Boy. It manages to maintain a nice balance between desperation and the desire to continue playing.

Spicy Piggy

Spicy Piggy is a fast-paced platformer that you’ll both love and hate equally. It’s possible to pass its levels if you have a little bit of patience, but completing the additional objectives will force you to become an expert at controlling your piggy protagonist. It’s a brilliant game with typical Nitrome-style graphics: a complete ode to the 16-bit era. 

Spicy Piggy

Spicy Piggy for Android [APK] | Download



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