Videogames that take place in space usually put you in the role of savior of the galaxy or supreme commander of a fleet of invincible ships. This doesn’t happen with Spaceship Battles, a work where you are in charge of designing tons of specialized space battleships. A rather different tack that takes you into online battles with other players – but in a special new way.

Spaceship Battles Android

Spaceship Battles puts you in charge of building and setting up different spaceships that you’ll save in your own hangar. Once you’ve selected your blueprint, you have to pick out different parts for your ship. There are tons of weapons, shields, energy generators, and engines to build into your design as you see fit. To start you have just a few options, but as you do battle and kill enemies you’ll unlock more and more of them.

One odd thing about Spaceship Battles is that the battles happen automatically. You can’t participate in them – you can just watch. You’ll see two ships lay into each other in an arena-like setting until one of them is destroyed. After the battle, you’ll get credits and celestium: the two currencies you can use to get new ships, more space in your hangar to boost your fleet, or new components for your spacecraft.

Spaceship BattlesAs you level up so do your available options. Once you hit Level 5 you’ll get access to a new game mode. In it multiple fleets of ships do battle to get resources and experience. Unlike the individual duels, these ships can indeed be destroyed, although they come automatically armed. In this game mode the interface doesn’t particularly shine, but it’s a good way to level up faster.

Spaceship BattlesSpaceship Battles is an odd game. Unlike any other space epic, it submerges us in ship engineering and the correct placement of the components of each. The possibilities are infinite and the game invites you to keep besting yourself to be able to do battle against more players. Also, curiously, your games keep doing battle even when you’re not inside the app. In case of victory, more resources will be added to your reserves. In short, an original game that encourages you to improve your designs and keep winning online battles. Whether you’re watching them or not.

Spaceship Battles for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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