The thin line that separates a tribute from plagiarism is sometimes, well, extremely thin and it can be hard to find out which side of it you’re on. If the resulting product is mediocre our hands tend not to tremble when we point our finger and call it a shameless ripoff. But when the work is good? Soul Knight could fit on this end of the spectrum as it looks and feels like Nuclear Throne and, in particular, Enter the Gungeon, but it’s still a great free game for Android.

soul knight screensot Dungeons and bullets in Soul Knight, a great roguelite for Android

It could be that dungeons full of enemies is not the ideal destination given their ubiquity in the world of gaming, but … what if we throw firepower into the mix? This is the idea behind Enter the Gungeon Soul Knight, a roguelite “inspired” rather excessively on the aforementioned games. But still, it shines in the Android catalogue thanks to how scant the pickings are in terms of quality competition.

Soul Knight

On Soul Knight your job is to trek through different rooms and eliminate any hostile presence while finding the portals that take you to the next level. Oh, and collecting all the weapons you come upon along the way. In general terms, it’s a highly enjoyable game thanks to its intuitive controls and the endless possibilities in the random level generation system. This dungeon title is smooth to play thanks to the fact that the virtual D-pad isn’t fixed on the screen (except it’s on the left) and it has a slight auto-aim that won’t make your nerves get the best of you. The developers have studied the mobile gaming market and this proves it.

Its roguelite component is an enormous draw. It’d be hard to get bored thanks to the random level generation. Not only are the various rooms in the dungeon different – so are the enemies and the weapons you find along the way. And note that you’ve got more than 100 weapons available: from a pistol or a bow to a light saber or a plunger. And though firearms are usually the norm, here we’ve got a lot of meleé weaponry, too. You’ll do hand-to-hand combat if you’re at close range with an enemy, which is handy for saving on some of your valuable bullets.

Soul Knight

Soul Knight is highly enjoyable for any fan of action titles given that it’s got enemies and bullets everywhere. People who’ve played the games it’s based on will be surprised at how well this game flows – particularly considering that we’re talking about a title for smartphones and tablets. A game full of details, coins to be collected, weapons to use, and powerful final bosses to defeat.

Soul Knight for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


  1. Enter the Gungeon and Soul Knight might be similar to one another but they have a different feel and I think it’s enough to set them apart


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