Soccer season has arrived. A few years ago no fan could make it through a weekend without a radio and a pair of soccer magazines for his favorite team, but things have changed. These days the best way to stay up-to-date about everything that has to do with your team, the League, and everything to do with the world of soccer in general is by glancing at your Android/iOS device and consulting one of the apps to keep you connected with the news. In any case, who wants to find out about Neymar’s latest dive or Casillas’s most recent blunder on a Monday morning when you can see everything on your phone on Sunday night?

The first stop on our trip through the world of soccer apps obviously must be the official app of the Professional Football League (LFP). Surprising as it seems, the LFP has actually done an excellent job with its app, and presents not just an elegant and smooth interface but also the features to go with it. To view video summaries you’ll still have to go to the official webpage, but for everything else—fixtures, latest news, goal alerts, photo galleries, and even 3D goal recreations—you can use your smartphone.

goles The Soccer League now playing on your smartphone

An excellent alternative to the LFP app is BeSoccer. This app, created by the Spaniard Manuel Gutiérrez Heredia, offers practically everything a soccer fan could ask for. That is, you’ll have not just the aforementioned alerts, news, summaries, scores, etc., but will also find external links to the goals for each match. You can’t view the videos from the app itself, but it will redirect you (using your default browser) in a matter of seconds. Another excellent app with nearly identical features is OneFootball, which offers practically the same features as the others but in a truly luxurious interface.

Moving away a bit from apps about rankings, alerts, and goals, we find the official app from The advantage of this soccer news portal  is that aims for a certain air of neutrality, without openly backing one club or another. Thanks to this, fans of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona alike can go there with no risk to their blood pressure levels. must be doing something right when they’ve been announced as the official partner of FIFA 15. Oh, and obviously, whether the real cracks are on or off the pitch in real life, you can always play a match or two on FIFA 14 for Android, or on the free FIFA World for Windows.


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