Using your smartphone as a level to measure surface inclines or as a flashlight using your flash are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the ways your phone can act as a practical tool. The Smart Tools apps for Android are specialized in this regard, offering utilities to measure distances, vibrations, angles, or acoustic power, among many other options.

Obviously you have to keep in mind that these are tools to get out of a bind and don’t offer precise results for use at the professional level. Even still, you’ll probably find frequent uses for many of them, especially if you consider that they all have free versions that include most of the accessible features. Although there are more than a dozen apps, here are some of the most interesting that we’ve included in the Uptodown catalogue.


  • Smart Distance: The most downloaded tool of the lot. Lets you measure the height of people or objects at a distance of between one and 50 meters based on trigonometric calculations taking your position and that of the base of the element as reference points. [Download]
  • Smart Measure: A complement to the previous app to measure the dimensions of distant objects from 10 or more meters away. [Download]
  • Smart Protractor: An old-school manual protractor that lets you both superimpose it over an image taken by the camera and place the object to be measured on the touchscreen to take the angles. [Download]
  • Smart Ruler: The little brother, for measuring dimensions (in this case for objects of between 1 and 50 centimeters) by, like the protractor, placing the object to be measured on the screen. [Download]
  • Speed Gun: Measures speed via manual monitoring. You need to know the distance from which you’re taking the image and manually follow the trajectory of the moving object by sliding your finger to yield an average calculation of the measures obtained. [Download]




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