Summer is almost here and there’s nothing like jumping in the pool or swimming in the sea. The Android catalog also includes games with very refreshing elements. One of the latest ones to join in the catalog and immediately catch our eye is Slippery Slides. This game from TabTale transports you into a water park with impossibly twisty water slides as their main attraction. You’ll have to get on your giant water float and go down the slides. So put on your sunscreen, your best bathing suit and join the summer fun. Can you be the first one to reach the end of the water slide?

Slippery Slides

Reach max speeds down the water slide

Slippery Slides has a bunch of levels that include different water slides. Your job here is to beat all the other swimmers who are also going down the really twisty and bendy water slides. Keep your eyes open because you’ll need to use the inertia to increase your speed. Luckily, the controls of the game are really simple. Move your float to the left or the right to adjust the direction you’re going. Don’t worry though, no matter how close you get to the pink edge, you’ll never fly off the water slide. Quite the opposite, the closer you come to the edge during the curves, the better.


Also, as you continue down the water slide, you’ll have to try to go over each yellow ramp and jump. By doing so, you’ll gain more momentum which can help you get ahead of the other swimmers. And don’t you worry about crashing against your rivals. If you do so, you’ll slow them down and add points to your score. It should be noted that you’ll have a graph on the upper part of your screen. This line tells you how far you still have to travel on the water slide until you reach the finish line.


Unlock all the characters and water floaters available in Slippery Slides

As you complete the different levels, you’ll get more points for your final score (located on the upper right side of the screen). You can use these rewards to unlock new characters and water floaters that’ll make you even faster on your way down the water slide. There are also really fun designs for your water floaters. Use each one and discover the difference it makes to use one or the other. The game also challenges you with daily missions that will give you access to new resources.


Use your rewards to improve your speed and enhance your water floater. If you do so, you’ll have the best water floaters around. Basically, we’re talking about a very addicting game that gives you the chance to compete in a bunch of water slides and be the first ones to reach the finish line. You’ll surely feel refreshed with this simple but super fun gameplay, even if it is only through your screen.


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