First we got the wave of lite versions of the big social network apps – among them Facebook Lite and SlimSocial for Twitter – and now it looks like the next step is to unify these into a single app. Slidechat is an all-in-one that squeezes Facebook, Messenger, and Twitter into just 2.6MB. Obviously it simply includes a webview of each app, but that doesn’t make it any less practical for devices short on resources.


The app divides the three networks, each with its own login, over tabs in the top bar. At the functional level, each is anchored to the features of its web version. In fact, separating Facebook from Messenger is an organizational tweak more than anything else, as the web client itself has a tab for that feature.

If there’s any drawback to the app it’s that on some pages it rolls out a small banner, although it’s not terribly annoying and you can get rid of it if you pay a negligible €0.99. But what the app is trying to do is clear: offer the basic messaging tools on devices with limited hardware by taking up a minimum of space and memory.



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