Smartphones have integrated themselves and become essential in our daily lives, but most of them have nothing like as much battery as they need to withstand such intensive use. It’s for this reason that the Skype team has updated its service with a new version for Android that keeps the app from using so much battery, allowing users to keep it open all day without any worries.

Skype 4.7 saves energy. The company has announced on its official blog that they are “introducing aggressive battery-saving changes,” a change made possible by the temporary deactivation of group chat notifications.

skype android

Nevertheless, if users wish to keep receiving these alerts, you can reactivate them from Configuration > Notifications by ticking the “Sync group messages” box. For the next updates, the company has said that group messages will reappear by default, but they will no longer consume battery.

Skype still hasn’t finished this labor of optimization, and in versions to come we will certainly see new changes in that regard. This update, in addition, has corrected a few bugs, such as the problem with Android KitKat running in the background when you minimize the app. In addition, the audio and video quality has been improved for non-Bluetooth tablets.


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