To think about shoot ’em up games is to think about pain. About hundreds of projectiles zooming toward your ship and taking you inexorably nearer the Game Over screen. Fans of the genre end up developing some truly stunning reflexes – particularly for games built on a vertical screen. But people less adept in the art of the dodge are in luck with SkyChampa frenetic but much lighter shmup inspired by an unconventional source for games of this style: Pokémon.

SkyChamp Android

This free game for Android is a more mainstream approach to a cult genre. But the fact that it’s a bit more accessible doesn’t mean that it’s easy – it’s simply a difficulty curve adjusted for all gamers. In SkyChamp you have to deal with tons of enemies, dodge projectiles all over the place, and face final supervillians. But the discordant note is that this time you play a cute Pokémon-style creature.

SkyChamp Android

The inspiration from the popular game is seen mainly in the visuals. The monstrous protagonists and bad guys draw from that friendly design that should be familiar to lots of people. To top it off, the names of the creatures are recognizable: your main character is called “Okimon” while the secondary creatures who support you are called “Pettomon.” You can even evolve them if you get enough items and money. And yes, you can recruit more and more of them as you open eggs that you buy or find in your battles.

SkyChamp Android

The gameplay couldn’t be simpler: you have to last as long as you can in different settings that always end up with a different final boss. To move around the screen just swipe your finger as the shooting is automatic. The interesting thing in SkyChamp is that you have different abilities available depending on which secondary creatures you take. Some of these Pettomon slow down the bad guys while others poison them. A good combination of powers is one of the keys to getting anywhere in the game.

SkyChamp Android

SkyChamp is pure vice. Besides its tremendous graphics, the game invites you to play and play nonstop. Though it has all the standard free-to-play garnish that can make the game easier, you can enjoy the whole thing without spending a dime. A fun game to take to a desert island and never get bored. So long as that desert island has an Internet connection, that is.

SkyChamp for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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