A lot can be done with endless runner type games to keep them from ending up as just another clone of something else. Sky Hop Saga by ImpactBlue Studios is a fine example of precisely that. It offers a fun platform game hopping arcade that revives the good old tile maps viewed from above so reminiscent of Crossy Road.


The aim of the game is basically staying alive as long as possible while hopping from tile to tile as new floating scenes appear on your screen picking up as many resources as possible along the way. In fact, in order for the game to generate new scenes you have to collect puzzle pieces in threes for the next section to appear. The problem is that the blocks that you’ve already hopped off of will crumble and disappear seconds later, which is why decisiveness as well as speed are the keys to success. You’ll have to choose very wisely when and which blocks to hop on first.

After collecting resources you can trade them in to customize your character’s skin, or in exchange for tricks and tips on how to improve your playing. Even so, the real trick is to scramble to get as far as possible as quickly as you can because if your hero falls into the abyss, you’re looking at starting all over again. There is no going back. Not only that, but the further along you get, the more enemy attack you’ll be facing. Be on the look out for obstacles, and even bosses that will act as guardians in charge of protecting each tileset, while trying to block you from hopping forward.


Sky Hop Saga is now ready to download on Uptodown in it’s original APK file.



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