Tower defense is probably ones of the most hackneyed and unimaginative genres in existence. In fairness, though, that’s not the fault of the genre itself but rather the enormous list of titles in this category that do little else besides follow the trite outlines of genre motifs. Still, occasionally a small ray of sunshine bursts forth to illuminate this dull landscape where innovation is usually conspicuous for its absence. Skull Towers puts a twist on the genre and drops you onto the front lines of battle, bow in hand.

skull towers featured Skull Towers: A fun tower defense game in first person

Your mission in Skull Towers is the same as in other tower defense games: to keep the hordes of evil from getting to a certain position, which in this case is actually where you are yourself. Yep, this is a first-person game where you personally try to keep the almost endless throngs of skeletons from overrunning your post. Your bow is your best friend and you’ll whizz arrow after arrow at the enemies to stop any that are coming at you. Luckily, you can set different defensive structures around you to help out in the battle.

skull towers screenshot 1 Skull Towers: A fun tower defense game in first person

People who like tower defense games will find a different approach here that’s as far from boring as you can get. The difficulty curve is tight and though the early missions seem easy peasy, little by little things get complicated and you’ll eventually need all the skills you’ve got – basically because the defensive towers on their own can’t stop the enemy. And to make things even harder, you’ve got to try not to shoot arrows wildly since you’ve got a tiredness meter that will temporarily make it impossible to shoot once it runs out. Luckily, different objects and special arrows will make a smoother go of things for you now and then.

Skull Towers is a great alternative for people who are bored of trying out clone after flaccid clone in the tower defense genre. Its progressive difficulty and the option to upgrade your character and his bow are sure to make you enjoy this free Android title much more than you’d first guess. A welcome surprise.

skull towers screenshot 2 Skull Towers: A fun tower defense game in first person

Skull Towers for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Descargar



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