These days there are hardly any photo editing apps for Android that don’t already include their own collection of post-processing filters that you can apply to your pictures. Even when it looks like the game is over and that it’s all been done before in terms of filters, there are always improvements to be made. Sketch Camera is one of those improvements.

Sketch Camera is a photo editing app that comes with a full collection of filters that make your pictures look like sketch drawings. You can apply these filters in real-time both to videos and photos.  And yes, they do make everything look a lot like the 80’s music video Take On Me by A-Ha.

Sketch Camera filters

Among the 24 different filters available, you’ll find things like pencil sketches, ballpoint pen drawings, and manga inspired filters. You can choose from accentuated or saturated borders that make your photos or videos look like they were drawn with a fountain pen. Capturing videos or images from the app is easy, and you can also import other videos or images to add filters to them from your smartphone.

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