Tools for taking notes are all over the place, but what really keeps this one on top is it’s functionality. Remember the phrase: Keep It Simple, Stupid? Well, industry giants like OneNote and EverNote took things too far turning themselves into monsters that have too many functions. Not everybody likes all that unneeded excess, yours truly included. Simplenote is a major reference in tools for note-taking that after years of experience, has evolved over time while retaining that initial simplicity which is now its hallmark.

In the news again thanks to its recent release of an official desktop client for Windows and Linux, on top of its already available clients for Android, iOS, OSX and the web (not to mention Kindle Fire, Why Not?), SimpleNote has become one of the best options out there for keeping your notes organized in a single, concise format. On the flip side it really looks like EverNote and OneNote forgot all about KISS.


What does Simplenote offer?

Clear functions, clear explanations. SimpleNote focuses solely on letting you take notes linking them to an ID and all the tags you want to keep them easy to find later on. Registering within the app is easy just use your email address to link all of the notes you take across all of you devices with SimpleNote installed, which is optional but highly recommended.


SimpleNote actually has a lot of other functionalities. If you wrote over your notes and want to revert to an earlier version, this app lets you do precisely that through its version control system. That, along with the possibility to edit in real time simultaneously among a group of users makes this a collaborative tool that’s very useful for team projects.

If you’re lacking in organizational skills, and you don’t want to bother with the hassle of complex, multifaceted systems, Simplenote offers an intriguing alternative. Here the good old saying more is less, really fits in perfectly.


  1. If you’re on Windows, be sure to check out CintaNotes ( – IMO the best Simplenote client for Windows. Now Simplenote sync is a paid feature though, but totally worth it. And they promised to make it free soon.

  2. […] Instruments for taking notes are all over, however what actually retains this one on prime is it is performance. Keep in mind the phrase: Keep It Simple, Stupid? Nicely, business giants like OneNote and EverNote took issues too far turning themselves into monsters which have too many features. Not everyone likes all that unneeded extra, yours really included. Simplenote is a serious reference in instruments for note-taking that after years of expertise, has advanced over time whereas retaining that preliminary simplicity which is now its hallmark. Read more […]


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