While golf doesn’t have the mass appeal of many other sports, golf simulator games sure have kept a lot of us entertained for the past few decades. Tons of games let you enjoy this sport virtually and draw gamers like a magnet. The latest member of this family has set tongues wagging, and with good reason: Golf Clash is a fun golf game that will keep you hooked thanks to its simple premise.

Golf Clash

It’s very easy to get addicted to a game like Golf Clash as it brings together everything needed to make it a fantastic title: a game system that’s simple to learn and hard to dominate, appealing 3D graphics, an online mode that works perfectly, games that last no more than 5 minutes, and enough items to collect that you’ll want to keep going till you win them all. With these features, it’d be hard to say no to this game.

Golf Clash

Your aim in Golf Clash involves unlocking more and more tournaments as you climb the ranking. To do it you’ve got to battle it out with loads of people in faceoffs that will improve your skills bit by bit as you upgrade your clubs and balls. In each game you have to – what else? – get the ball in the hole with fewer strokes than your opponent. You do it by tapping the ball and swiping down, then releasing your finger at just the right moment. Do take note of the direction of the wind, though, or you might well up in the sandbanks.

Golf Clash is a great game thanks to how accessible it is. Anybody can control it moderately well, though mastering it is something else entirely. The “Clash” in the name doesn’t just serve as bait – we could well affirm that the level of fun on offer here isn’t too far removed from the wildly popular set of games from Supercell.

Golf Clash for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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