We’ve all been there – suffering through those treacherous melodies bellowing from our speakers due to some banner hidden among the many tabs open at the same time on Chrome. Several months ago the Google browser incorporated a new feature that shows a small speaker icon on tabs that are playing some sort of audio, and we’ve now discovered by doing a small edit you can turn that icon into a mute button that lets you silence the audio coming from tabs as desired.

The procedure below lets you interact with that icon, such that clicking it will completely silence any audio being played by the tab in question. These are the steps to follow.

  • Open a new tab in Google Chrome and type chrome://flags into the URL field.
  • Search for the Enable tab audio muting UI control
  • Click the Enable
  • Completely close the browser and then reopen it.

If you later wish to disable this feature you just have to do the same procedure but click Disable. (Logically!)

chrome mutar pestanas How to silence audio from Google Chrome tabs



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