Unbelievably, the move from Android Kit-Kat to the new Lollipop 5.0 left us without silent mode on your smartphone. Till then, if you put the volume all the way down on your device it activated vibrate mode, and if you pressed the button one more time it completely silenced your phone. Although recently the latter option was removed, later updates have enabled an alternative to activate the much-missed ‘Don’t bother me’ option.

To activate this mode you should display the volume bar by clicking any of the volume buttons on your device. When the bar appears you’ll see three icons in the lower part: None, Priority, and All. The latter is the one that’s activated by default and plays all your device’s audio notifications. Priority, in turn, filters your audio notifications so you only get the ones that interest you most. Clicking this option and then the gear icon lets you choose which notifications you want, be it for calls, messages, events, or reminders.


But the option that interests us now is the last one. Clicking the None button makes it so you won’t get any notifications, either indefinitely or for a certain time period. The latter is especially useful for nights. If you don’t want to be bothered till your alarm goes off, you just have to set the None feature till that time, or at least a few minutes before.



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