The race to become the best chat app means that new features are popping up everywhere on most of the apps aspiring to the throne. And the current leader isn’t resting on its laurels. WhatsApp gets substantive updates rather slower than everybody else, but bit by bit it’s becoming ever more complete. The latest change to come out is the option to share all kinds of files and images over WhatsApp with no need to compress them.

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Up to this point we were limited to sharing just a few kinds of files over WhatsApp. But that’s changed now with the new version of the popular chat app, which lets you send uncompressed pictures and videos as well as any kind of file you can think of: from APK apps to files compressed in ZIP, RAR, or 7z format. Apps like Telegram have allowed this for a while already, but now we can finally enjoy the functionality on WhatsApp, too.

whatsapp archivos screenshot 1 en How to share files of all kinds over WhatsApp

To send these kinds of things over WhatsApp chat just tap the ever-present paperclip for adding attachments and then click Document. The new screen that comes up has an option to Browse other docs…. Just look through your phone till you find the file you need. You can only select one file and it cannot be larger than 100 MB (the max size available on Android).

whatsapp archivos screenshot 2 en How to share files of all kinds over WhatsApp

This new feature is still under testing so it may run a bit slow. The change will roll out in tiers to all WhatsApp users, so don’t worry if you haven’t been able to use it yet. Obviously do take a bit of care when opening any file received from unknown or untrustworthy sources. Our advice is to only open APK files downloaded from our site, as all of them get a security scan before we upload them.

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  1. You could, of course, also use a messenger that’s actually secure, e.g., Signal or Threema. Just sayin’. ;-)


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