The advantage of a PDF document over other text formats is that it can be read on any computer, and the formatting always stays the same. Whenever you are preparing a project, presentation, or important document and you want to it to keep a specific appearance, and that the text and images stay where they are on the original, you need to convert your file to a PDF. How? Here we go over some of the easier and more direct ways to do it.

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Virtual Printers

Once you have created a document, and you have painstakingly added photos, it would be a shame if, when you send it, your effort goes to waste because all the elements have shifted. With virtual printers such as DoPDF and PDFcreator, you can transform your Word document, or that of any other extension format, to a PDF. These virtual printers are very easy to use, and work as if they were your normal, everyday printer. All you have to do is “print” the document you want, and save it, and the program takes care of presetting the format to PDF.

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Office suites that export to PDF

Another simple option which doesn’t require an external program is having a text editor that exports your documents to PDF format – a very practical option if your computer doesn’t have a lot of free space for installing more programs, or it’s just more convenient for you to convert it from within the editor. The free office suite OpenOffice is one of these in which you can save any type of document (text, spreadsheet, presentation) directly to a PDF without having to convert it. You just have to specify the format when saving it.

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Online converters

If you don’t have a text editor for directly exporting to this very popular format, and you also prefer to not install any additional programs, you can convert your PDF documents online. With FreePDF convert online, all you have to do is select the document that you want to convert, add your email address, and the file will arrive in your inbox transformed into a PDF (or whatever other format you prefer). Another great option is Document Online Convert, which works just as the previously mentioned one, but the document doesn’t arrive in your inbox, but rather downloads to your computer. Also, this app allows you to convert files stored online just by copying the URL.

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