To say that Seven Guardians is a tower defense is an extreme understatement. The game, just released in a soft launch for Android, offers a huge array of game modes where you lead an army of fantasy creatures through all sorts of challenges. Although the gameplay of ‘summoning’ units that recharge over time is a common one, the depth with which it’s used makes this game one of the best in its genre.

Seven Guardians Android APK

In Seven Guardians you have to gradually upgrade the characters who fill out your ranks, adding new faces and improving the ones who are already there. On the battlefield your sole worry is to be smart about deploying your troops to maximum advantage. You won’t lack situations to show your stuff, as in addition to the inevitable story mode with sequential missions to get through, you can also participate in PvP events against the other player’s army, participate in long-haul confrontations, and face off against bosses.

All this is finished off with a crafting system that lets you improve your team, even to the point of repairing and upgrading mechanical monsters to add to your ranks and control in real time like tanks. The fact is that all these game modes, alongside the gorgeous graphics, make the experience quite a lot more appealing than it might seem at first blush. And the RPG-hued background suits it perfectly.

At the moment Seven Guardians hasn’t officially been released at the international level (this is set to happen June 9th). But it’s already come out in a few countries, including Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, and Sweden. And it’s APK for Android is already available here on Uptodown and can be downloaded and installed from anywhere with no restrictions.


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