The end of the year is just around the corner, and as is tradition, this time of year many people send holiday cards to their friends and family, especially with photos and custom designs. Here we discuss several apps for your Android device that will be especially useful for sending greetings this holiday season.

felicitaciones android Send your holiday greetings with these apps for Android

When creating holiday greetings, all the apps work the same way, and allow you to choose a photo and apply filters and add text. What you’ll find that is different is the way that these holiday greetings are sent, which can either be via snail mail, as is tradition, or you can also send them digitally via different social networks, email, or text/picture message.

If what you want is to send a physical greeting card, you don’t have many options on GooglePlay, but the options you do have are long standing veterans in the world of shipping, and have a proven track record of efficiency.

Touchnote Christmas Edition

Touchnote was one of the first apps designed to help you create and send greeting cards, which allows you to create your own designs and later send the printed greeting card to practically any country in the world. The app allows you to choose a photo, several contacts from your phone or from Facebook, and personalize a message for each one.

The Christmas Edition uses the same concept, but with the addition of being able to zoom, rotate, and crop any photo that you use in your greeting. You can choose from different Christmas themed filters and designs, and later add your own personalized message for each one of the contacts you want to send it too.

Touchnote Christmas edition Send your holiday greetings with these apps for Android

You can also follow up with your greeting and know when it arrives, and keep track of the list of people you have sent cards to. Delivery time is between one and four business days, so it can come in handy even at the last minute.

Each card you send costs about $1.49 for small orders, or .99 cents for large orders, although it doesn’t specify in GooglePlay how many cards makes up a large order.

As an alternative to this app, Postagram works in a very similar way, also allowing you to send physical cards anywhere in the world, but the cost is only .99 cents, even for small orders.

free instagram apps postagr Send your holiday greetings with these apps for Android

If, on the other hand, what you want is just to send your holiday greetings via social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, there is a large variety of options that will do this for you.

Christmas Frame

This app contains an enormous collection of frames and effects for photos, such as a collection of Santa Claus hats or even a reindeer hat with the antlers and all, for example.

You can share your Christmas greeting via Facebook and Twitter, or send it via your favorite chat program, whether it be Line, Whatsapp, or Viber.

There are also apps such as Christmas Cards that work practically the same way, with different frames you can add to a picture on your cloud drive or on your Android device. There is also a Lite version of the app that comes with less frames.

If you’re not really interested in sending a greeting created with one of your photos, you can also find Android apps with funny or traditional greetings that you can send any of the ways already mentioned.

photolabchristmas Send your holiday greetings with these apps for Android

Christmas Greetings

Ever since the invention of the cell phone, it has been common for people to send text messages to their family, friends, and acquaintances, and this app has a large compilation of some popular sayings from the last few years that would make your uncle or other jokester in your family die of laughter.

From goofy humor to holiday cliches, even a risque joke here and there, it is organized into categories for each holiday in which you would use each one (Christmas, New Years, and others).

felicitacion Send your holiday greetings with these apps for Android


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