I’m pretty sure that there’s not a single human on the planet who doesn’t know that Football Manager is the epitome of all soccer manager games. Since its beginnings back in the day with Championship manager, Sports Interactive has given us quality game after quality game. Even on mobile devices where there’s more competition, as shown by SEGA Pocket Club Manager. Well, maybe it’s a little unfair to compare this game with a hit from SEGA, because even though they’re both management strategy games based on the world of soccer, the truth is that they couldn’t be more different.

SEGA Pocket Club Manager

You can’t talk about SEGA Pocket Club Manager without talking about the legendary SakaTsuku saga that began in 1996 and that’s hardly left Japan. What’s more, we’ve only seen two installments of these soccer simulators in the west: Let’s Make a Soccer Team! for PlayStation 2, and the game we’re here to talk about today.

SEGA Pocket Club Manager puts you at the head of a soccer team and lets you create a roster that will have you winning every match possible. However, it is necessary to point out a few differences between this title and other typical soccer manager games: it’s not a super profound game, and the tone is actually pretty comical. 

SEGA Pocket Club Manager

From the moment you start the tutorial, you’ll notice that the comedy aspect is one of the game’s main strengths. Not only because of the super deformed looks of all the characters in the game, players included, but for the dialogues that you’re going to witness between matches. The main goal is to make you smile and in most cases, the game will probably succeed.

Talking strictly about the gameplay, the title from SEGA lets you sign players, train them, and improve the conditions of the team. But there’s no actual soccer playing. What’s more, you’ll watch the games like just another spectator. Luckily, the soccer games have a really high quality engine and you’ll witness entertaining matches where the players can use their special skills. Yes, the players have some pretty crazy moves that include shots at the goal, incredible saves, and fantastic stops. What’s interesting is that you can train these skills if you have the necessary objects to do so.

SEGA Pocket Club Manager

SEGA Pocket Club Manager is a soccer experience that’s different from most of the concepts we’ve seen on Android. It’s a pretty simple game at first glance, which means any type of player can end up getting hooked to this fun game. Plus, it even has FIFPro licenses, along with one for Japanese players. For your first game you’ll have Zlatan Ibrahimovic on your team, so clearly, nothing can go wrong.

SEGA Pocket Club Manager for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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