When you store more than 40,000 files and provide more than 10 million downloads per month, security becomes one of your main worries. Here we explain how we manage the multiple threats faced by download sites and how we seek to ensure that your experience on Uptodown is as secure as possible.

We also recommend that you have a look at our guidelines related to transparency; and to that end today we want to give you a few more details so you understand what makes Uptodown a reliable and trustworthy place to download your applications.

The entire catalog of programs, now composed of more than 40,000 files stored on our servers, passes through exhaustive recurring analyses by the scanning service VirusTotal, which individually verifies the security of each file using 46 different antivirus solutions.


This process is automatic and recurrent: once we have finished scanning the last file we start back to the beginning to update each rating. What do we do with all this information? We seek to provide every report before you access the download; first in each application’s catalog entry and after that on the download page itself. We also provide a link to the VirusTotal report so that you can view other users’ feedback.

All these measure give us a certain level of control, but they’re still not enough, since this is an automated process that depends on third parties. In our eagerness to guarantee that all is in order, our editorial team ALWAYS installs and manually tests each application to independently verify that each one works properly, whether the application be a desktop software or a smartphone app.

Finally, we work proactively with several security companies such as McAfee, AVG, and Avast!, and we carefully try to maintain our top rating on their scan and reputation services in order to preserve the thumbs-up from most trusted antivirus services and work in sync with their security systems to the greatest extent possible.


This process is undoubtedly one that we can improve upon and that we are seeking to perfect with the help of both you—our users—and companies dedicated to controlling viruses and other threats that affect download sites. As always, you are welcome to leave us your comments on our pages at Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, or use our contact forms to send us any questions related to your security and that of Uptodown.



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