It’s been months now that we’ve been awaiting the promised update to revamp Pokemon GO with new, second-generation Pokémon. But only this week have they finally announced the imminent update to come this week which will include – besides 80 new Pokémon – other features like more evolutions to both your classic creatures and those from the region of Johto and special berries with novel effects.

pokemon go johto Second generation of Pokemon GO set to arrive this week

The Valentine’s Day event of the past week seems to have been a maneuver to bring Pokémon GO back into the spotlight after the sharp decline in active players in recent months. It’s hard to tell if this update will serve to revive the initial level of interest. Still, this doesn’t knock the fact that in less than seven months the game has generated more than 10 billion euros in profit from its declining user base.

The region of Johto originally appeared in Pokémon Gold and Silver, and though its characters aren’t as iconic as the ones from the original titles, catching Chikorita or Totodile is a pleasure that any veteran Pokémon fan can appreciate. Of the 251 Pokémon from the region of Johto, 80 will be included at first, and obviously we can expect a progressive increase in their number in upcoming updates.

Included in the rest of the new stuff, according to the official Pokémon GO blog, are new powers for the monsters when you capture them, new evolution items at the PokéStops, new berries with never-before-seen effects, and more ways to customize your avatar.


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