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Los "Momentos" ya están disponibles en España y pueden ser el empujón definitivo que haga despegar a esta función de Twitter que no temina por asentarse.
The ballooning popularity of Twitter threads has prompted the appearance of a useful tool called Chirr App that lets you put them together super easily.
Datuum is a popular social network for images, ideas, and even tutorials, mainly with the objective of sharing common knowledge among users.
Alternative Lite apps to the standard ones often consume much fewer resources than the originals: Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, Opera Mini, Smart Launcher, etc.
Microsoft has announced three new games in the Gears of War saga. One of them will be exclusively for mobile devices and will feature Funko Pop figures. C'est la vie, right?
Solve puzzles in the beautiful settings offered by The Pillar, a game that doesn't even try to hide its inspiration from The Witness.
A new version of Google News is now available for download which offers a ton of new features in its aim to become users' primary news source.
The content curation platform Storify is going to be shut down definitively, so we've put together a list of alternatives for you to use and move your content to.
If you want to be a DJ there are many tools to emulate a mixing console from your PC or smartphone.
How's your 2013 been? Your favourite social networks offer a short summary of your most relevant web activity.