Languages, regardless of which one you’re speaking, tend to transform and evolve with the passage of time, generating new words and expressions to meet social needs or trends. With that in mind, SayWhat offers an odd way to make sense of local or odd expressions in videos of up to 10 seconds that can be uploaded by users themselves.

The idea behind SayWhat is to offer a social network where you can add friends, comment, and like posts, with everything focused on enriching the semantics being analyzed with explanatory videos, usually funny ones in the style of Vine minivideos. At the moment the app offers sections in English, Spanish, and (check this out) Mandarin, with local expressions from each of these most-spoken languages in the world – be they ultra-Spanish expressions like ostias, bajón o quedarse sopa to other popular Latino words like guey and chido.


The app kills two birds with one stone, functioning as both a tool to consult expressions in languages you don’t know as well as your own, and is just as entertaining as it is didactic. Just, for instance, check out some of the videos for words like quillo. Let’s see if we can break that statistic saying you only used 300 of the thousands of words that exist in your language.



  1. Mesmo eu gostando mais de sair para praticar jogo e abordar
    mulheres na vida true, tenho que ser franco quanto a realidade técnologica e as facilidades
    que ela nos inclui.


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