Think about the Powerpuff Girls and you start thinking about speed, power, and lots of cutesy things – characteristics I’m well in the mood for when I start playing one of their games, like Glitch Fixers: Powerpuff Girls. The surprise comes when I find just one of those things, but I’m even more amazed to discover that it’s actually a very fun game offering some serious challenges.

Glitch Fixers Powerpuff Girls

We’re looking at a camouflaged puzzle here with quite an original gameplay: your task is to pick the actions the Powerpuff Girls are going to do before carrying them out. You select the commands you want to do and try to get rid of all the trolls who pop up in front of you. It takes just a single knock to take them down, but the difficulty lies in getting close to them at just the right moment. You could opt to move forward step by step but this will get you fewer points – which is precisely why planning all your moves is half the fun of the game.

While getting through each phase is easy, getting the three stars on each level is not so much. To do it you have to plan all your moves in one go, plus stay underneath the move limit. It might take you a few attempts to start but no need to get too fussed about that: you can repeat the levels as many times as you need to.

Glitch Fixers Powerpuff Girls

Glitch Fixers: Powerpuff Girls has been a pleasant surprise. Besides having graphics that are faithful to the original cartoon, its gameplay is actually super appealing. There are 40 levels to beat and things get more and more complicated every time you play: new commands you can give, new trolls to beat, and even a new game mode.

Glitch Fixers Powerpuff Girls

Glitch Fixers: Powerpuff Girls for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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