The tremendous melodrama between these two consumption technology titans still rages on. Lucy Koh, a judge in the U.S., has rejected Apple’s injunction against Samsung in the war on mobile patents, stating that Samsung will not have to withdraw any of its products from the market in the U.S. Thus, despite have been declared guilty, Samsung will only have to pay a fine of $1 billion.

samsung apple juicio cabecera Samsung won’t stop selling its devices in the U.S., despite Apple’s demands

This year’s hearing, at least in regards to technology, found Samsung guilty of infringing on a large number of patents that are owned by Apple, which is why it will have to face a fine of $1 billion for damages, an amount that the Korean giant humorously paid in nickels carried in on trucks.

Afterwards, Apple kept on with its motions, and developed a list of 18 devices, which would grow to 26 later on, that infringed on Apple’s patents mentioned earlier to get the sale of Samsung products to be prohibited in the U.S. However, in accordance with the most recent ruling, none of the devices will be withdrawn due to the serious damages it would cause Samsung, which finds itself in the middle of a Christmas sales campaign, and could not do without its major smartphones, such as the Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note, both of which are on the list created by Apple.

A the same time, the judge is not allowing Samsung to appeal the decision regarding the fine because it is the least amount of damages it will suffer because of its infractions. It still remains unknown what Apple will do after this decision, but most likely it will appeal it and the motion will continue.


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