This year, CES was loaded with new technology. At last, it seems as though for tech companies 3D is out and 4K resolution and flexible screens are in. And this is exactly the technology that Samsung wants to start including in its mobile devices.

As you could tell from Samsung’s conference, the first of the prototypes is a small box that contains a rolled-up screen, which you can bent and flexed without losing any image quality. It is truly amazing quality given that it is an OLED screen, although Koreans call the technology by the name YOUM, a term you that you’ll be hearing more and more with time.

The second prototype is a device with a curved edge, allowing the screen to display notifications without having to take off the device’s protector, just as you can see in this image from The Verge. Of course, neither of these will be on the market anytime soon, but there’s no doubt that this technology is rich with possibilities for the future.


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