Samsung tweeted from its official Twitter account a short teaser about what it will announce at an event on March 14th. Using the slogan “Ready 4 the show?”, it’s more than obvious that this Korean company is ready to announce its new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S IV. If the rumors are true, the new smartphone will have a 5-inch screen, and 1080p resolution.


The event will take place in New York at 7pm, and will be the first time that they announce a new device from New York since the Galaxy S, back in 2010. Not much more is known about the device, although some are saying it will have a high-end camera, superior to that of the iPhone 5 in regards to clarity.

The announcement of the new Samsung smartphone comes at a key time, as the company’s stock was exceeded by Apple in the fourth quarter of 2012. And if the rumors are true, not only will they present their new star device, but also a whole new line of high-end but inexpensive devices in order to fight back against the Apple’s dominant position.



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