ClockworkMod has just launched Carbon, an application that allows you to save all the data from your Android phone or tablet onto any physical device or on the cloud. This app allows you to sync all your Android devices, making sure that you always have all your important files on hand and stored safe and sound.

Carbon cabecera

It’s true that there are many apps on Google Play that allow you to save all the data on your cell phone, including contacts, SMS messages, images, applications, and even the overall status of the operating system that is installed. What really sets Carbon apart from its competitors is that it offers the same features but with very easy-to-use controls, and a clean and simple interface. All you have to do is login with your Google account to upload to Google Drive all the data and files you want to save and share between devices. Currently it only works with Google Drive, although the ClockworkMod developers are already working on making it compatible with Dropbox.


To use Carbon beyond just the Android app, you have to install the desktop program, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition to backing up your information on the cloud, you can also save it on an SD card or locally on your PC. There are two versions – a Premium one that costs $4.99, and another which is free and is able to maintain the same features as the paid because it comes with advertising.


This app is perfect for changing the configuration or the entire operating system on your Android device without having to worry about reinstalling all the apps one by one, or copying and organizing all your information all over again. When you combine these backup and data-recovery options, along with a good ROM such as one that we mentioned in a previous article, you can keep your phone or tablet always up-to-date and personalized to your liking without having to worry about the tedious task of starting from zero, as if it were a completely new device.

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