RunPee is an app to recommend the best time to pee during a movie

It’s a bit sad, really, that there aren’t more apps to manage bodily functions while enjoying the Seventh Art. Luckily, we’ve got a real zinger of one for you here today. RunPee is an odd app that tells you when the best times are to run to the loo during certain films so you won’t miss the good parts.


OK, all jokes aside, once you install RunPee you can see that it takes its job very seriously and gets it done in a genuinely rigorous way. Personally I myself try to never runpee during a movie screening, but, hey, I understand that not everyone has the same commitment to stretching their bladders. RunPee is there for all of you, indicating which parts of the movie are the best time to go wee without missing out on the really important action.

You can read in the info beforehand or set the app to alert you with a vibration when you should make a quick run for the loo. The best bit is that the comments for each film tend to be chockful of detail, including how long you’ve got to make your break so you know whether you’ve got to hightail it or not. Plus the app provides other useful info like whether there are post-credit scenes and how long the opening credits last, and adds a synopsis of the first three minutes of the film in case you show up a bit late.


RunPee is genuinely excellent at what it does. It gets constant updates and there’s always info on the latest movies in theaters. Its white-on-black look is an extra perk to keep from bothering other people in the cinema.

RunPee for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download