Such a depressing panorama these days in terms of innovative smartphone gaming. The titles that do it well seem to have found one key ingredient: mixing successful gameplays into hybrids. Rogue Life is one of these. From the screenshots and clips this fun shooter might look like an endless runner, but it definitively is not. You’ve got to beat level after level while controlling your character’s movements around the screen. You can also improve his gear and level it up with the resources you win.

rogue life screenshot Rogue Life: A gorgeous 'SHUMP with RPG overtones

We’ve mentioned before that a game doesn’t necessarily triumph because it stands out in one particular facet, but because it covers all its bases well. Rogue Life is a Free-to-Play game where – what else – you have to beat small missions lasting no more than a couple minutes, usually with one or more big bosses to defeat at the end.  Besides just winning, you have a set of secondary objectives – if you achieve them and keep your team alive you’ll get yourself up to three stars.

What grabs the attention in Rogue Life are its colorful and cute graphics. Between adventures, your heroes get their R&R at an operations base, where they can carry out other tasks to improve their skills and customize their gear with kit that you find, buy, or develop yourself.

rogue life screenshots 1 Rogue Life: A gorgeous 'SHUMP with RPG overtones

OK, so all this might sound pretty hackneyed and stale, but I can tell you it’s not. Rogue Life is addictive, fun, and very fair in terms of its business model: no popups, no integrated ads, just an in-game store where you can buy optional features with real money. Otherwise just a ton of missions to beat, real-time PvP with other gamers, daily events, and other standard features you’d expect to find in a Freemium game like this one.

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