(Updated 04/23/2019) NetEase seems bound and determined to cover every possible aspect of the battle royale realm. Rules of Survival was a competitor for PUBG Mobile, Fortcraft did the same to Fortnite (although it never left closed beta) and they intended to give a touch of Asian eccentricity to the genre with Cyber Hunter. Well, now it’s come time for some swords and witchcraft in Ride Out HeroesThe game’s last open beta took place back in December 2018 and was a total success. Now, a few weeks before the official release, the game is available again with the official confirmation that our progress will not be erased from now on. Plus, they’ve added Spanish to the existing language options of English, Portuguese, and Mandarin.

ride out heroes en beta 1 The beta of Ride Out Heroes, the spectacular battle royale from NetEase, is open again

Comparing the three games mentioned above and their interfaces, it’s clear to see that the studio basically just adds a new coat of paint to each new title, as they roll out games like hot cakes. In this case, they mix fantasy, steampunk, and technology to offer a style that’s sort of a mix between Survival Heroes, Realm Royale, the intoxicating designs of Blizzard, and Fortnite. On a playable level, this means that you’re just as likely to find a shotgun in the setting, as you are a poisoned sword or a powerful magic spell. 

In terms of gameplay, we could practically copy and paste any previous review we’ve written. 100 players are released on an enormous island and only one can be left standing. So you have to defeat the rest of the players, while running from an invisible barrier that’s constantly getting smaller.

ride out heroes en beta 2 The beta of Ride Out Heroes, the spectacular battle royale from NetEase, is open again

The first distinguishing feature is that there are preset character classes with unique abilities: hand to hand combat warrior, long-distance hunter, wizard, pirate, and engineer. Each one has its own legendary class weapons, four abilities, and a fifth to move quickly. As you advance, you can choose other skins. In terms of game modes, you can play alone or in groups of two or four players. For now, there’s no trace of the special 5-player mode that we say in the previous update.

Changes to the new April beta

This update includes plenty of changes compared to what we saw a few months ago. What we have now is a much more well-rounded title that could practically pass for a final version. In addition to adding new languages, they’ve improved the optimization and added new graphic customization options in the settings menu to adapt it for any device. They’ve also added a tutorial to the beginning, the possibility to revive teammates, opened the first season pass, and have included a new relic system to add permanent effects to your character.

ride out heroes en beta 3 The beta of Ride Out Heroes, the spectacular battle royale from NetEase, is open again

How and where to download Ride Out Heroes

The first beta version of the game was limited to the USA, the Philippines, and Brazil, but this new release is focused on the Latin American audience, at least in terms of its distribution on Google Play. However, the game can be played without any sort of limitation from any country by installing its XAPK file, available on Uptodown. That said, in order to do so correctly, you need to have a compatible package installer. For that, we recommend using our official app.


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