A couple months ago was the first birthday of Clash Royale – that addictive title that’s probably the biggest thing happening in mobile gaming at the moment. Supercell opted to forgo a gigantic birthday bash in favor of a longer celebration that Retro Royale is part of: this new challenge takes the game back to its origins.

Retro Royale Clash Royale

Retro Royale is a new event where you put together a deck using only the cards that came out at the very beginning of Clash Royale. This means saying bye-bye (temporarily) to tons of cards that have come out over the past year, including some of the most legendary ones. Going back to basics like this is quite an interesting challenge where you can play for free the first time and then pay 10 gems to go back.

Retro Royale Clash Royale

This retro event is a more or less simple way to get nice rewards as you only have to win six times to get all the rewards. It’s true that the rewards are a bit less dazzling than is usually the case for these kinds of challenges, but it seems like a brilliant way for everybody to be able to celebrate Clash Royale’s first years by getting prizes.

Retro Royale Clash Royale

As has been the case since pretty recently, there are also rewards you can only get after a certain number of victories:

  • 10 gems with the first victory.
  • Two get you a silver chest.
  • Three get you a gold chest.
  • Five victories get you a magic chest.
  • Six victories get you 3,000 gold coins.

Plus if you get these six victories you’ll get 600 extra coins plus 25 cards. This event is already active and ends April 3, so you’ve still got a little time to get some decent prizes. Ah, and remember you can only be defeated three times.

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