Microsoft has gotten on the ball over the imminent release of Windows 10. As of yesterday, lots of users have been getting a popup window telling them to ‘Get Windows 10’ in their notifications bar, where it asks if you want to confirm the download of the update at no cost when it’s available.

The update gives a glimpse of several details. On one hand, it seems this message is only appearing to users with a legal, registered copy of Windows 7 or 8, but the most interesting thing is the statement that appears in the window: ‘Yes, free! This upgrade offer is for a full version of Windows 10, not a trial.’ In other words, if you currently have a legal copy of Windows, you can update to Windows 10 with no usage limits.


This maneuver has not been officially announced by the company, but it makes sense in terms of their strategy to turn the next Windows into the definitive version of the operating system without distinguishing between versions. In other words, having Windows will be like having Facebook, WhatsApp, or Mac OS X: the version is a background detail, and it will be perfectly understood that you’ll have access to the latest update without having to pay every few years for a new package. We already knew the launch would fall around the end of July, but now Microsoft has confirmed the official release date: July 29.




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