Although it depends on your connection and the location of the operator, WhatsApp voice calls consume a lot of mobile data, in some cases even reaching more than 600 kilobytes per minute. Fortunately, the latest versions of the app lets you drastically reduce that number simply by enabling a special setting on the options menu.

If you use WiFi, there’s no reason to worry, but if you use 3G or 4G connections, it’s typical to have a monthly data limit. So, if you regularly use WhatsApp for voice calls, it might be a good idea to enable this feature and reduce data consumption both on your device and the receiving device, as well.

whatsapp reducir datos 3 How to Reduce Data Consumption from WhatsApp Calls

This feature is available on the latest official version of WhatsApp. For Android, that’s 2.12.194, which is available on Uptodown, and for iOS, it’s 2.12.5 beta. To reduce data consumption, go to Settings> Chat settings> Low data usage. From here, you can activate an option that says “Reduce the amount of data used during a WhatsApp call.”


We have done tests with a data-monitoring program while making identical one-minute calls. Our results show that the recorded consumption is about 200Kb less when this feature is activated, so it does work and is worth your while. It only slightly affects the sound quality of the call, though this is especially annoying when the sound is significantly delayed, which is not uncommon with WhatsApp calls. Regardless, this feature is really useful if you make VoIP calls from WhatsApp on a regular basis.



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