Rebel Inc. is the new game from the creators of Plague Inc.

The time has come to make big improvements to a post-war country in Rebel Inc., a new strategy game from Ndemic Creations.

While videogames haven’t really been around for all that long, the truth is that we’ve seen games based around all different subject matters. What’s interesting is that some new games still somehow manage to surprise us, like Plague Inc. did a few years back. The game based on creating plagues to wipe out humanity was a smash hit and now, Ndemic Creations is back to surprise us again: Rebel Inc. is a political/military simulator where you have to stabilize a country in the aftermath of a terrible war.

Rebel Inc.

Your first minutes playing Rebel Inc. will remind you visually of Plague Inc. You have a map with different locations, various sections with improvements, and events that happen as time goes on. Everything is reminiscent of the first game from Ndemic Creations. However, you’ll soon see that Rebel Inc. sets itself way apart and has its own voice, for sure. In this game, you can intervene much more directly through one of its main new features: military deployment.

Rebel Inc.

Your objective includes improving the conditions of your country for peace to spread throughout the entire region. The problem is that the rebels aren’t happy with your presence in the area. You’ll have to use one of the improvement tabs focused on the military, to send troops that can get the situation under control. You can move these units around the map to fight against the rebels and you’ll also have to back them up to stop the rebel flame from spreading to more areas of the country. That said, you have to also be careful not to bother the natives in the area, for fear of bringing down morale.

Rebel Inc.

In addition to watching out for rebels, you’ll also have to spend money you earn on a long list of improvements. The objectives include to improve the country’s infrastructure, education, culture, etc. You’ll have to consider your influence on the different areas of the map. Each round is completely different, so the strategy you have in each one will cause the situation to change continuously. That said, you always have to keep an eye on various factors: inflation, risk of corruption, and especially, your support. If this last factor reaches zero, the game will be over.

Rebel Inc.

If you love strategy games, then you’re in for a real treat with Rebel Inc. It’s an outstanding game that nicely follows behind Plague Inc. to provide a fresh new concept. If you want to know more about the game, check out our gameplay video of a complete round on our YouTube channel.

Rebel Inc. for Android [APK] | Download


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