Like cars but sick of Android racing games? Never fear: Crash Club is here to solve your problems. This free game for Android sets you slogging through duels with other cars while you destroy all kinds of objects in your path to get points. Will you manage to make it to first place – or end up exploded into pieces by your opponent’s missiles?

Crash Club Android

Crash Club is a fun online driving game that forgets all about who makes it over the finish line first (there is no finish line actually) and worries more about total destruction. Your objective involves hitting the highest possible score, which you get by destroying different buildings in the city as well as the other cars in your game. All this destruction is more or less simple to wreak as the controls are quite easy to understand: your vehicle moves nonstop, so your job is just to move in the direction you want to go by swiping on the screen. Plus swiping your finger upwards activates the turbo, an essential tactic for escaping if you’re almost out of life.

Crash Club Android

We’ve already mentioned how to get around the game’s giant levels, but we haven’t mentioned how to attack. Luckily, attacking is as intuitive as moving: just tap the rival car you want to go at. Still, you need a weapon in hand, and you can get one in the different garages around the level. These shops are essential to boost your turbo, fix your car, or get different weapons.

Crash Club Android

Crash Club is an exciting game to keep you keen on all the destruction. It’s got the standard system for getting new cars based on boxes, but the real fun lies in the fact that, though there are differences between vehicles, anybody can beat anybody with a little practice. Plus you can customize your cars with different decorative elements, which is always a plus.

Crash Club for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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